What is Gameview Token

The GVM Token (GVM)

is an WCG-compliant digital currency that is the native currency of the GVM/Gameview Money platform, and may be available for purchase on various cryptocurrency exchanges in the future.

GVM Token is primarily used to transact crypto item transactions: purchasing items from the Item Library or individual stores, buying or selling items via the GVM Platform.

GVM Token can also be used to facilitate transactions within games that use the GVM Publishing platform SDK.

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The White Paper provides an end-to-end picture of the GVM project –
from its origins and motivation through to its token sale and roadmap.

The Light Paper summarizes the key points and information from our whitepaper in a concise form. It is important to note that this is an overview of the complete whitepaper, and you may refer to the Whitepaper itself, for more details and complete information before you contribute to the IAO.

White Paper
Light Paper
About Us

Gameview is the leading publisher in the field of interactive entertainment.

Since its establishment in 2012, the brand is now one of the fastest growing gaming platform throughout South East Asia. Not only does Gameview excel in the field of game operations, it is also renowned for its localization skill and ability to adapt to each country's local culture. With charts topper such as "Romance of Heroes", "Return of Darkness", "Dating with Three Kingdom" released in the SEA region, Gameview's rich portfolio has built credibility among strategic partners, which in turn provides valuable collaboration opportunities with acclaim developers, such as Mokylin's "Rise of the Dragon".

Established in Malaysia, Gameview has set up studios and business offices around Asia – Guangzhou (China), Thailand, Taiwan and Korea; as well as recruited operation teams in Indonesia and Vietnam. Gameview focuses on bringing the best entertainment experience to gamers and commits to deliver only quality products/services while striving to attain a promising future as its core value. Currently we have more than 10 million members in our game platform at

In our pursuit of expanding our business on global scale, we introduce a state of the art platform called GVM, which aims to decentralize gaming industry through deployment on a distributed ledger technology called blockchain. GVM would allow development of strong community driven applications built on top of Ethereum Network to address some of the major issues faces by traditional gaming industry including but not limited to Revenue generation, Developer and Player Data Protection, Anti-Piracy and fostering positive games communities.


Our Mission

Gameview mission is to be the top Blockchain based Games Publisher in the world. We will build a solid global game conglomerate by partnering with high potential growth games companies.

Our Features



Mobile Gaming Industry will generate 73-Billion-dollar revenue this year. By becoming an early adopter of blockchain technology, GVM Token will gain an important advantage


GVM team combines best of both worlds – renowned professionals with years of gaming industry experience and dedicated blockchain evangelists with a track-record of successful projects.


Blockchain combined with Big Data, Smart Contracts and mobile gaming technology will revolutionize the gaming marketplace. We will be a trail blazer.


Our business model deployed on a decentralized open source, transparent ledger allows self-regulation, where all financial activities are visible and immutable.


GVM is aiming to decentralize a hundred-billion-dollar gaming industry. Considering the offering, GVM Platform is providing the marketplace with, we are confident this will yield substantial results and multifold ROI


Unlike traditional crypto projects, GVM Token will immediately have significant utility in the hundred billion-dollar gaming Industry, giving it a real-life value and potential backing.


The platform is specifically designed to be user friendly and easily linked with existing gaming platforms.


Our endeavor is to provide immediate liquidity through inherent utility and by listing of the coin on an exchange, thus providing market linked pricing for their holding


GVM Use Cases

For Developer

Developers can use GVM TOKEN in their games for buying items and currency, or use them as token rewards for players who reach certain milestones such as completing quests, topping a leader board, to level up and etc.

For Users

Users/Players can use GVM TOKEN to purchase items, level up, transact in trading by selling their item and etc.

For Investor

Investors can use GVM TOKEN to purchase any items or conduct any trading activities related to games in GVM platform.

Key Products

One-Stop Shop GVM Token

  • Module 1:GVM eSports
    GVM eSports enable our community to conduct or participate in Global eSports tournaments, allowing GVM to be used for transactional purposes.
  • Module 2:GVM Trade & Publish
    A highly sophisticated marketplace where developers can publish and trade their gaming items, game accounts and In-Game Gold, and thus, build a much bigger gaming community around their products.
  • Module 3:GVM PAY
    A pre-paid credits based model that is used to purchase playing time at GVM arena with credits and are stored in users' GVM PAY.
  • Module 4: GVM Social Connect
    A community based service that will function like social media messenger platform, with extra gaming and social activities based features. It will help us connect the gaming community and also allow us to better advertise the products we support into direct community.
  • Module 5: GVM Mining Rewards
    GVM Mining Rewards is a blockchain gaming reward engine reward gamers for their time and skill with GVM Tokens (GVM) that can be used to purchase game related products (from GVM Trade & Merchandising stores), sponsored goods or can be exchanged to other crypto currencies.

Token Sale Summary

  • Join Us @
  • Currency Ticket Symbol (GVM)
  • Total Supply / Supply Available 6 Billion
  • Accepted Currencies USDTK
  • Nominal Value 1 GVM = USD 1
Use of Proceeds

Funds Distribution Plan

We are aiming to make GVM as the leading crypto based model gaming marketplace. Our leadership team and advisory board have devised a proper plan that would give our dream a practical implementation. The proceeds from the token sale will fund the product launch, continued platform development and user acquisition:

GVM Circulating Supply : $6 Billion Token
GVM Circulating Supply will be allocated as follows:

Our Road Map

GVM Modules Milestone

Q1 2012
  • GVM Platform Established
Q3 2017
  • GVM Platform envisioned
  • Research and Feasibility report for GVM Platform
  • GVM Team member expansion
Q4 2017
  • GVM Platform development started
  • Blockchain development team hiring
  • Advisory Board Hiring
Q1 2018
  • Token Economy Devised
  • Marketing Team expansion
  • 5 Module Structure Finalized
  • IAO Structure devised
Q2 2018
  • GVM ERC 20 Token Creation
  • Light Paper V1.0 Release
  • IAO Website Development
  • GVM Platform Website Development started
Q3 2018
  • White Paper Roll out
  • PR Campaign and Community Development Campaigns
  • Pre-IAO Sale
Q4 2018
  • Setting up of GVM expert team of all modules
Q1 2019
  • GVM eSports – Setting up system and mechanics
  • GVM Trade and Publishing- conversion and enhancing current Gameview platform to blockchain platform
  • GVM Trade – Merchandising -system set up and partnering with delivery platform
  • GVM Mining Reward- setting up system concurrently with Trade and Publishing to reward gamers
Q2 2019
  • GVM PAY - setting up platform and promoting GVM PAY to more users
  • GVM Social Connect - Setting up system to support and create GVM community
Q3 2019
  • Team expansion
Q4 2019
  • Launching of fully operational GVM's Platform modules
  • Complete implementation with marketplace and attractive reward system
Meet the Leadership Team

Our Management Team

Dr. Yang Mee Eng
Gameview CEO

PhD in Media Management, 26 years of experience in media and creation industry, Spent 4 years in gaming sector at MDEC, Member of Animation competition selection committee for The 10th China International Animation & Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF) and Member of Panel Judges for the Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest 2014/ AYACC (Guizhou, China).

Carol Long
Gameview COO

Over 6 years of experience in game publishing and marketing in Greater China, SEA and Korea. She held key position at Mobvista and 37GAMES for two years working on mobile game marketing, prior to joining Gameview (China).

Chong Chee Hong (Kenji)
Gameview CTO

Involved in building the corporate gaming platform, assuming the responsibility of setting up the payment channels and game-supporting social platforms for the games. A leader of the technical team. Kenji does not only possess extensive technical knowledge, but also having rapid work efficiency.

Lynn Li Yan
General Manager of Gameview China

Lynn has over 14 years of experience in the gaming industry. He served as General Manager and Commercial Director of Gameview China for 6 years. Lynn is responsible for the construction, planning and daily operation management of Gameview China, mastering the direction of mobile games, organizing long-term development strategies and business objectives, and timely adjusting and implementing according to internal and external environmental changes.

Our Advisor Team

Frank Andreas Sliwka
ESL Gaming Chief Operating Officer and Board of Directors

Frank having been within the Games and Esports Industry since 1997, currently hold the position of COO Asia at ESL. The modern culture of Esports offers gaming enthusiasts, fans and sponsors thrilling entertainment in an all-new, interactive environment. Recognized with the German Game Developer Award and winner of the European Games Award, he has a verifiable history of commitment to growth and expansion of businesses in both mature and emerging markets across the Asia Pacific Region, the US, and Europe.

Frank started to work in the Esports Sector in 2000 and created the first world-leading Business Platform for Esports, International Esports Conference (ESCONF), in 2004. At the end of 2004, he founded the Germatin Esports Association and was elected Chairman of the German Esports Association. In 2008, he was elected as Vice President of the International Esports Federation.

Devina Dutta
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Global Community Manager

Devina is well versed consultant in the field of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency business management, with expertise in marketing and global community management. She has 3 years experience of business consultant & digital marketer (remote) that turning business idea into reality. Devina was a global community manager (Dubai UAE) to build & manage global community, research, plan and execute marketing plans and content writing start from 2017. She is also now the Community Manager for HubrisOne, and an ambassador for Swace.

Danny Chang
Gameview Advisory

Former CEO of Gameview, has more than 15 years working experience in gaming industry, expert in researching and develop new games.

Dato Richard Tan
Gameview Advisory

A professional who possesses a broad knowledge about the workings of a productive organization, he has 20 years' experience as a business advisor.

Our Team Members

Shyan Ming
Director of Operations

Ming is leading the mobile game publishing platform based in Guangzhou China. He has over 6 year of experience in game industry and 4 year of experience in mobile gaming industry.

Sakda Kositsawedtagoon
Head Of Product Marketing (Thai office)

Sakda is the head of product marketing in Thailand branch. He has 2-year experience in Rojo SEA (Mobile game company) and 5 years of experience in game industry.

Myrna Mo
Marketing Director of Greater China

Responsible for overall marketing strategy of game business at GVM China. Over 5 years of game publishing experience and specially looking after Southeast Asia, Europe and North America region. Myrna also possess three years of working experience at Mobvista and Youai Network, focus on Mainland China and oversea mobile game marketing.

JP Yang
Director of Advertising

Advertising team leader. 5 years advertising experience, over 80 projects. Successfully created Gameview games as top 10 in bestsellers mobile game. Expertise in Social advertising with focus on Facebook advertising, and explore new advertising platforms, including Unity, Google Adwords, Yahoo, Cheetah Ads etc.

Game Publishing Expert

7 years of experience in gaming industry from the era of PC Client Game to Mobile Game. In charge of game and marketing operation. Manager of "Romance of Heroes" — a featured, top ranked game on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Bread Gao
Software Engineer

System designer and developer of product backend, form data communication with game server and client by writing API interface, responsible for Wechat login interface, payment interface, public number development, etc. 4 year of programming development experience, company's business design to a variety of payment methods for players to recharge, develop a game payment system.

Lee Mei Theng
Business Development & Account Manager

Mei Theng has hands on experience in managing the player database and is in charge of sales report and licensing contract and account management.

Yap Wei Kong
Customer Relation & Account Manager

Wei Kong is incharge of customer relation and support service via all the social network.

Kelly Foong
Business Development & Contract

Kelly is incharge of account management and games contract with developers and advertising platform. She is also involved with business development for Gameview product and services.

Hunter Lee
Graphic Designer

Hunter is responsible for the design and production of graphic advertisements for game release in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. He has over 2 year of experience in game advertising design, including design and production of game logo, launch icon, app store screenshots and advertising drawing.

Lane Tsang
Graphic Designer

Lane is responsible for the design and production of game video advertisements in Southeast Asia, and assists the marketing department in the design and production of various types of advertisements. He has over 3 years of experience in game video advertising design.


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